front of house


Backyard lane grapes
This shot if from the lane showing the grape vines, garden, and cabin.

cabin garden Sept cabin sept
Our backyard cabin that we mainly use for Airbnb. See our Airbnb listing for photos.


Living room and stairs
Our living room where we have music jams, play board games or hang out in front of the fireplace, etc.

Our kitchen

Kitchen, basement and second floor bathrooms


Images below are of six of the bedrooms in the house. More pictures will be available eventually. Monthly rental amounts for rooms include all utilities, high speed cable internet and house phone for outgoing calls.  In addition, we each pay money into a monthly house fund. Our house fund pays for shared food, toilet paper and cleaning supplies.

Third floor

Top floor front facing west

Facing west

Our new yoga meditation room. Top floor back facing east

This room has been renovated with new windows, an exposed brick wall and clay-paint walls. We have added a door to a wall-out roof deck. There is also a rain barrel for watering planter boxes.

Second floor

2nd floor front facing west

This room is fairly large and has a bay window and non-working fireplace.

2nd floor middle

2nd mid 2nd mid b 2nd mid c
This room is south-facing.

2nd floor back rooms

View from back sunroom towards back bedroom

This area of the house was recently divided into a sunroom (with a large closet), a small bedroom and an old secret staircase that has been opened up to the kitchen.

Main floor

First floor middle

This room in between the living room and kitchen. It will be opened up soon to make more living space.

Small sunroom off the kitchen


Left photo is the view from under the fold-down bed.


Bedroom under the front porch

Basement workshop

We have sound proofed the ceiling and walls.

Note: Comments submitted to this website about wanting to live here are read by us, but not posted.


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