The House

front of houseA new vision for the house started May 2012.

House members. We also have a couple of rooms set aside for short term work-exchange visitors.

As of Aug 2016, listed in alphabetical order:


Adonia has lived here since May 2012

“I have been practicing different forms of Yoga and meditation in the past 22 year and I have been vegetarian in the past 22 years. I don’t drink at all, I don’t smoke. I don’t watch TV. I read a lot of books.

I am very ecological oriented, I’ve grown up in eastern Europe and many times we couldn’t buy new things so we had to learn to be creative 🙂  I don’t like plastic at all, all my food containers are glass or stainless steel, and I use for grocery the reusable shopping bags made by canvas or synthetic fibers. I like to buy (even in the winter) from farmers’ markets and organic as much as possible.“

Bridie birthday

Past work-exchanger and resident, Bridie, celebrating her birthday with former residents: Sam (left), Alicia, Chad and Emilio (right). Emilio still visits when he is in town to hang-out, play guitar and make food.


Alina joined the house Feb 2016. She works at Bampot, a tea house on Harbord and Bathurst and makes a quinoa soup for them and tea blends. She is also an artist and actor. And has led dance workshops.

She is also a good photographer.


She just joined us in August 2016 along with Silk and Soleil (see below).
“I’m 27 years young and a calm yet bubbly person. I’m vegan and a Taoist. I moved here from Australia two and a bit years ago and love it so much! The reason for my move to Toronto is for work. I miss working with Interactive Technologies.”


John has lived at the house for many years. He has been involved with vegan and animal rights activism and has a sideline business fixing up bikes – including the bikes of fellow house members. For work he installs windows part-time. He is very active with karate and has achieved a black belt. He also likes miso soup, road trips, hiking, found art and other stuff.


He has lived here for several months as a work-exchanger. He is into meditation and dance.

Silk and Soleil

Silk just moved here from Victoria with her 5 year old daughter Soleil. She used to live in a community house there with Jeannie. She is friends with a few of us in the house, and has stayed here on and off in the past. Soleil starts kindergarden this year.


“About 20 years ago, I was able to buy this house with the help of my father. From the beginning, the house had a vision of environmental awareness, spiritual connection and exploring alternative ways of living. I did a world trip through Asia 25 years ago. I had a life-changing experience at a Buddhist meditation retreat in Thailand. After a silent 10-day retreat I stayed longer and read a book about Gandhi. The combination gave me a strong desire to do service. Also during my trip I did a two week yoga retreat in India. Upon returning to Montreal to finish an architecture degree, I started an animal rights group at McGill called META. After returning to Toronto, I was a core volunteer for Toronto Vegetarian Association for many years and am still very involved. I pretty much follow a vegan diet for many reasons, including not wanting to participate in animal suffering, maximizing wilderness (less meat, more trees), and health. I like to do fix-up projects around the house, and participate in events put on by Meditation Toronto, a group that does soulful chanting to guitar music.”


Past residents:

Kat, Sam, Mary, Steven, Carola, Alicia, Sambam, Khadeja, Bridie, Ashley, Chad, Emilio, Erika, Yana, Suzanne, Jophiel, Nelson, Lorraine, Ana, Maria, Lina, Doruk, Basil, Natalie, Alora, Mojo, Joe, Mike, Miriam, Diana, Meaghan, Derrick, Chantal. See our past residents page.

The house is an intergenerational mix of people aged 20s to early 50s.

Interested in living here?

Update Aug 2016: There are no longterm spaces currently. We do maintain one room (sometimes two) for work-exchange.

For longterm, we either allow a current work-exchanger to stay longer, or we post notices on Craigslist in the month prior to an opening becoming available, but you may also request to be on our waiting list. Shared houses often have spaces opening up every several months.

An ideal candidate is someone who is inspired by the recent vision. But also important is being keen to live in close community with others, and get along well with the current mix of residents.

Please email us a bit about yourself. See our Contact Us page. For more about the individual rooms see Pictures. Note: Comments submitted to this website about wanting to live here are read by us, but not posted, unless requested.

Sorry, no cats. Some of us have allergies.

Note: For the house vision we had prior to this one, see our archive page.  ‎


FYI: The original vision

A new vision as of September 2007

An environmental/spiritual house-community with a focus on selfless service.

Written by Steve in Aug. 2007

Probably for 99% of people, their main objective is focused around the self. Having a good time, achieving personal goals such as finding a decent job, an attractive partner, respect and honour, enough money to do everything they want to do, or even a spiritual practice or exercise program that is personally fulfilling. Essentially to satisfy one’s senses, mind, body, soul, etc.

Then there are a few people who are more interested in pursing a life of service – focusing on how they can help others, the Earth, animals, serving God, etc. A desire to do this has to come from within. I am hoping to find people for the house who are already on this path, or have had a taste and want to move in this direction.

I don’t know what will take shape – perhaps a supportive place for activists or a spiritually-focused place. People may be into environmental service, animal rights, spiritual activities, etc. Hopefully at the core, will develop service that comes from the heart.

Some people seem to get stuck in angry activism that can lead to burn-out. The service work that I envision is a more sustainable variety that is done out of compassion for people, the planet, animals, spirit/God.

What ever form the house takes will be unique due to the combination of a variety of individuals living together. The common thread holding it together will hopefully be a desire for service.

Practically it might involve people supporting each other, cooking for each other, and working to create a positive home environment, doing renovation projects in the house, leading a yoga session, volunteering outside the house, earning extra money to donate to charities, etc.

Regarding projects in the house, one possibility is writing, proofing, editing, creating for a blog I am interested in getting going: Delicious Earth. Currently I blog for, and that is another good project that people are welcome to get involved with.

If this kind of house/life interests you, great! But I want to be clear that I am not the kind of person that is good at inspiring others. I am not much of a leader really. So what we need at least in the beginning is people who are already part-way on a path of service.

Currently, the house generates a profit that is has been saved for renovations and donated to charity over the years.

Update (Nov 2007): In the first few months since September, some of us have worked together on a couple of renovations projects, we have established our Sunday night vegan dinners, and we have contributed a few hundred dollars each month to charity. Individually, at least some of us help out with various charities or spiritual groups. But, the vision I had of everyone coming together to work in selfless service on creating a blog or other shared projects/activities has yet to come about.


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