Budget – Sept 2007 to Aug 2008


Insurance: $1200
Mort/taxes: $17050 (1420.79/month)
Repairs: $1000
Renovation materials: $1500
Phone: $309 ($25.75/month)
Internet: $456

Total: $21515

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About Delicious Earth

A celebration of Earth-friendly foods and community living.

Our everyday food choices can have a huge impact on the environment. Wilderness destruction, the damning of rivers, soil erosion, energy waste, and pollution is part of the legacy of modern agriculture. Personal dietary change can be a powerful way to reverse environmental destruction. On this blog we will explore the benefits of eating foods that are low on the food chain, locally grown, organic, and minimally packaged.

We plan to take a slightly different approach than Ethicurean and Culinate, two blogs that do a very good job of covering most of these issues. We will be focusing more on eating low on the food chain, and providing tips and ideas on how to prepare delicious, satisfying and sustainable meals.

We live in a shared community house located within walking distance of the Dufferin Grove Organic Farmers Market in Toronto. Our house has many environmental features. We have a vegetarian kitchen and a backyard garden. Seven people call this home. Most of us are avid cyclists. See House for more information.

This blog will also track our experiences living in an earth-friendly shared house.

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