Eating local organic in February!

de-local-feb.jpgAt the house we aim to eat a fair bit of local foods which isn’t always so easy in the winter. We shop at the nearby Dufferin Grove Farmers Market where the selection has whittled down to potatoes, beets, cabbage, onions, squash, leeks, turnips, shiitake mushrooms, celery root, carrots, apples, fresh baked bread from the brick ovens, and baby greens from a greenhouse. That last item turns out to be not necessarily the best choice for the environment. Greenhouses often require large amounts of energy for heating and lighting. See previous article.

Many of these items were harvested a couple of months ago, but hearty roots, cabbage, squash and apples are technically still in season since they are easily stored.

2 thoughts on “Eating local organic in February!

  1. I too, have been trying to eat locally all this winter… and I have found it difficult (but rewarding). I am glad you reminded me of the Dufferin Grove farmer’s market (I did not know it was still on in the winter) as I have found it frustrating trying to find local produce at the supermarkets.

    I have been thinking of starting a website that is dedicated to networking places that sell local produce in Toronto and the people who want to buy local produce. Think that’s a good idea? I think if there were a website people could go to that lists all the places in Toronto where local produce is sold (and when and what kinds) it would also be an incentive for more grocers to stock local foods as (if the website were popular enough) they would be getting free advertising for their store. Just a budding idea….

  2. Very easy to eat locally and organic in July-October, but really difficult in February!

    This is true whether you grow your own produce or buy it. We have managed to dry chilli peppers, borlotti beans and broad beans, and we have frozen peas, mangetout (snap peas) and runner beans. Our varieties of apples just don’t keep!

    I live in England, but the problems are the same and the solutions, if achieved, are just as rewarding. I have a blog post that might interest you: [benjamr_wordpress_com]

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